Finding hope after loss.
Crafting new lives as we age.

Therapy for aging and grief


We live in a world where there’s little patience for grief and no room for the challenges of aging.

Because our culture has so little tolerance for these experiences, people are forced to push down their feelings and pretend that they’re not in any pain. As a result, it’s easy to become lost in your grief, and frustrated in your attempts to find meaning and joy as you age.

I believe that unresolved grief, as well as the unexpressed pain associated with aging, is at the core of much of the difficulty we find in our own lives and that we see in the lives of those around us. For that reason, I have chosen to focus my practice on two important areas.

Helping adults of all ages deal with grief and loss.

Helping older adults and older Couples navigate the emotional & Physical challenges of aging.

My office is in Corte Madera, California, serving clients throughout Marin County, San Francisco, and the East Bay.

Jacob Brown Marriage and Family Therapy - Aging and Grief
Therapy for older adults

Therapy for Older Adults

old dogs can learn new tricks

Aging presents us with a set of unique and difficult questions. 

Who are you now that you’re older?  Your kids have moved on, your career is ending, your traditional roles in the world seem to have dropped away.  So, who are you now?  This can be a difficult question to answer, and it’s easy to feel lost and without purpose.

Therapy for Older Adults works to build acceptance of who you are today, and to focus on what you have rather than what has been lost.  This is a path to finding joy and meaning in the life you have today.

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 Therapy for Older Couples

Less tension - More joy

Being a couple in middle age or older is different from a relationship when you’re young. The things that brought you together and kept you together are changing. It raises the question of what does it mean to be a “couple”, and what keeps you together as a couple now? 

No matter how difficult things have gotten, every couple has its strengths.  And in Therapy for Older Couples, we focus on what binds you together - not what's tearing you apart.  This is not about having more “date nights”; it’s about finding real meaning and happiness, together.

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Couples Counseling for older couples
Grief Counseling

Grief Counseling

Finding hope after loss

Grief is a part of life.  Family, friends, careers, pets, hopes and dreams can fall away.  And throughout our lives we are forced to let go of many of the things we cherish. 

Unfortunately, the world around us often doesn't have much patience with grief.  Your loss makes people uncomfortable, and they are anxious for you to "move on" and “get over it”.

Grief Counseling is an opportunity to fully work through your grief. It provides you with a safe and supportive space in which you can tell your story of grief, at your own pace, in your own way.  

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End of Life Counseling

When you, or someone you love, is dying

It is hard to imagine a more difficult experience than preparing for your own death, or the death of someone you love. The pain, anger, and confusion can be unbearable.

End of Life Counseling works to bring peace to a time of chaos. It helps you come to grips with the reality of life’s end, clean up unresolved issues, and prepare for a peaceful transition.

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End of life counseling and hospice counseling
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Counseling families of substance abusers

Getting your life back

Parent, child, sibling, spouse, friend, or relative. So many of us have had our lives deeply impacted by the drug and alcohol use of a loved one.  

Having a loved one who abuses drugs or alcohol is a form of loss. While there are many resources to help the user get clean; very little attention is paid to helping their family survive the devastation that comes with loving an addict.

Whether it’s happening now or it’s in your past, the damage can reverberate throughout every aspect of your life. Counseling for Families of Substance Abusers helps you bring the focus back to your own life and find some happiness, whether your loved one is using or not.

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"Find a place inside where there is joy, and
the joy will burn out the pain. "

Joseph Campbell