Grief comes to us all


Grief is a universal experience.

The pain at the loss of a loved one tears you apart. The depth of sorrow is unimaginable. It feels as if you can never recover.

But the resilience of the spirit is remarkable, and most of the time people are able to recover from their loss.  They work through the pain, accept the loss, and begin to slowly reconnect with the world.  But sometimes you can become trapped in your grief and unable to work through the grieving process.  And that's when Grief Counseling can help.

Hurry up and grieve?

Unfortunately, the world doesn't have much sympathy or patience for grief. 

Grief upsets people.  Without meaning to, friends and family can communicate hurtful messages.  Instead of helping you mourn your loss, they want you to hurry up and get over it. 

"Shouldn't you be over that by now?"

"Aren't you ready to move on yet?

"Don't dwell on it"

These “hurry up” messages can short circuit the grieving process and leave you feeling isolated and alone.  Grief Counseling gives you a safe and supportive place in which you can tell you grief story, cry, and express the pain and sadness that you feel.

There are many kinds of grief

We are taught that grief is only appropriate when someone dies. In fact, we experience many different losses throughout life.  A relationship breaks up, a family pet dies, a career is derailed, a retirement plan is destroyed by illness.  You need to acknowledge and grieve each of these events.  Because by grieving you can work through the loss and move on. Some of the other types of grief include:

  • Anticipatory Grief

    • When a loved one is ill or dying, the grieving process begins well before the loss.

  •  Grief with Aging

    •  The aging process includes many losses; health, mobility, memory, sexuality, identity.

  • Life Transitions

    • Relocation, change of work, retirement, even if the change is a good one, there may be a need to grieve what you had to give up.

  • Loss of a Pet

    • The loss of a pet can be equally as crushing as the loss of a family member.

What happens in grief counseling?

Grief Counseling creates a safe and supportive space in which you can tell your grief story in your own way, and at your own pace.  My role as your grief counselor, is to be a witness to your grief and gently guide and support you through the process. 

Having someone listen carefully to your story, honor your feelings, and recognize your pain, is often an important step in beginning your healing process.

A free Grief Support group in San Francisco


For directions and more information please click on this link: Grief Support Group Info

"Everyone can master a grief but he that has it.”

William Shakespere

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