Substance abuse and the impact on the family

It’s a common expression to say someone is “lost to drugs or alcoholism”. And thats a true statement, because it is a loss. You not only lose your loved one, but in some ways you often lose you own life. All the focus, energy, money goes to trying to get the user sober. You think it’s your responsibility to get them sober. And you think if you just try hard enough, it will all work out. But, more often than not, that attitude only leads to frustration, disappointment, and unhappiness.

What’s the goal?

There are tremendous resources available to help the user get sober. But relatively little attention is paid to helping the family get their lives back on track. Counseling for Families of Substance Abusers brings the focus back to your life, and helps to rebuild sometimes shattered lives and damaged relationships.

What’s the process?

This is not therapy in the traditional sense. This is a supportive environment to help you express your feelings, heal the wounds, and remind you that your life and happiness matter.

“An alcoholic is someone who can violate his standards faster than he can lower them.” 

Robin Williams