Love is not supposed to hurt


Whatever your age, relationships are supposed to be fun, fulfilling, meaningful, joyful, sexy and an infinite number of other adjectives. The goal of Counseling for Older Couples is not to just lower the pain, it is to increase the joy.

It is certainly true that sometimes relationships can be hard.  And sometimes, they can be VERY HARD. When you're in the midst of the conflict, it can feel impossible to find a solution. But no matter how bad things are, every couple has some strengths.  In Counseling for Older Couples, we will focus on what binds a couple together - not what's tearing them apart. 

Older couples have special challenges

When a couple is in their 50’s or older, they can face challenges that are very different from a younger couple.

  • Children may be gone or preparing to leave home.

  • Careers may be ending and adjusting to being together in retirement can be difficult.

  • Caregiving responsibilities may increase, either for each other or for a parent.

  • Sex after 35 years of marriage may be very different than it was when you were in your twenties.

Any of these factors, and many others, can dramatically raise the tension level and decrease the sense of satisfaction within the marriage.

Finding joy as a couple

Date nights are great and putting more sparkle into your sex life is always an excellent idea. But, it’s not enough. You can’t build a satisfying relationship on date nights. The goal isn’t just to stop fighting, there also has to be a reason to be together as a couple. Counseling for Older Couples works to bring a sense of meaning and purpose to your relationship.

“Many marriages would be better if the husband and wife clearly understood that they are on the same side.” 

Zig Ziglar