Articles on Grief - Week of May 27th

Here are several recent articles on grief and grief counseling. I think the first one “Grief Awareness Guide” does a great job of summarizing the grief process.

Grief and Grief Counseling
Grief and Grief Counseling
Recent articles and resources on grief, loss, bereavement and end of life.
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Friday, May. 24, 2019
Grief Awareness Guide |
www­.learnpsychology­.org - Shared by GrieveWell
thumbnail Heather Bass, LCPC has been a licensed psychotherapist for 15 years and has worked specifically with grief for the past 10 years. Grief is normal and healthy, and grieving people should honor these f…
Chrysalis of Grief
widowersgrief­.blogspot­.com - Shared by Mark Liebenow
thumbnail After we have dealt with grief for a period of time, we will reach a point where it feels like we are turning away from our loved one and moving on. We probably are, even though we don’t want to. We …
Grief Counseling | Stages Of Grief | How Grief Counseling Helps?
www­.betterlyf­.com - Shared by William
thumbnail When we lose a loved one we are bombarded with a range of emotions. There is an immense feelings of sadness, emptiness and hopelessness. There is a constant void that is felt which becomes difficult …
Adjustment Disorder (Situational Depression): Why It's Important to Recognize and Treat
www­.psycom­.net - Shared by MsCjay
thumbnail Jump to: *Sarah came to therapy for the first time on the cusp of age 40. Until she lost her the job she’d held since college graduation 11 months previously, Sarah had always been easily able to han…
An ever-changing process of grief and loss - Muscular Dystrophy UK
www­.musculardystrophyuk­.org - Shared by Jackie Munro
thumbnail Louise Halling, her husband, Mark and their seven-year-old son, Jacob, live in West Berkshire. Jacob was born in Australia, where the family lived for several years. Diagnosed with limb girdle muscul…
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