Recent articles on Grief - Week of May 20th 2019

For the week of May 20th, 2019, here are some articles on grief that I think are useful and interesting.

I am a psychotherapist in Corte Madera California (outside of San Francisco). I specialize in therapy with seniors, aging, grief and end of life. Leave a comment below and let me know what you think. Jacob

Grief and Grief Counseling
Grief and Grief Counseling
Recent articles and resources on grief, loss, bereavement and end of life.
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Friday, May. 17, 2019
What to Say (and Not to Say) to Someone Grieving a Suicide
www­.nytimes­.com - Shared by Jacob Brown
thumbnail I’ve had people say similar things to me, and while I appreciate that their comments were coming from a good (and devastated) place, such judgments made me feel defensive and all the more anxious and…
How to grieve when life — and work — is pushing you to move on
www­.nbcnews­.com - Shared by 🇺🇸Channel 1 America
thumbnail “Telling my work was the most important thing I did [after the death of my father in 2017], so as to not have my job expect the same me to show up everyday,” says Susan Youngsteadt, a licensed clinic…
The Gift of Anticipatory Grief
dogandcatpet2000­.blogspot­.com - Shared by dog and cat pet
thumbnail Anticipatory grief is grief that arises before a death—when you know it’s coming, but your cat is still alive. On one end of the spectrum, anticipatory grief can cast a shadow over the time you have …
Sadness or depression? How to know when to seek treatment
www­.nbcnews­.com - Shared by Tunggal Pawestri
thumbnail When I was diagnosed with major depression at 22, I was too deep within the fog of the illness to much care that finally, after years of struggling, I had an answer as to why I felt so impenetrably b…
Symptoms of major depression and complicated grief
www­.cancer­.org - Shared by Amanda J Griffin
During the time of bereavement and throughout the grief process, a grieving person needs a lot of emotional support. You can read more in Grief and Bereavement. Finding support can be the key to a pe…
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