Recent articles on aging

Here are a few recent articles on the science and experience of aging.

I am a psychotherapist in Corte Madera California, I specialize in therapy with seniors and senior couples. I hope you enjoy these articles and find them useful. Leave a comment below and let me know what you think. Jacob

Aging in America
Aging in America
Therapy for seniors, helping older adults and couples navigate the physical and emotional challenges of aging
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Monday, Apr. 22, 2019
Light physical activity reduces brain aging
medicalxpress­.com - Shared by Newstrotteur
thumbnail Incremental physical activity, even at light intensity, is associated with larger brain volume and healthy brain aging. Considerable evidence suggests that engaging in regular physical activity may p…
Even 'Weekend Warriors' Get a Boost To Life Span
www­.webmd­.com - Shared by WebMD
thumbnail THURSDAY, April 18, 2019 (HealthDay News) -- Daily exercise may be the ideal, but even weekend workouts might prolong your life, a new study suggests. In a study of more than 3,400 men and women over…
Exercise Actually Slows Down the Aging Process - Being Patient
www­.beingpatient­.com - Shared by Tim Deer
thumbnail If the fountain of youth does exist, it’s at the end of a cycling path, a new study suggests. A lifetime of vigorous exercise—cycling, in particular—has been shown to slow down aging deep within the …
Men's memories worse than women's, especially with age - CNN
www­.cnn­.com - Shared by Cathy Gustman
thumbnail "It's no surprise, as your brain shrinks, memory declines," added Jack. But wait, overall men's brains are bigger than women's, right? "It's true, women's brains are smaller than men's brains, but br…
Alcohol in moderation: How many drinks is that?
www­.mayoclinic­.org - Shared by Cleveland HeartLab
thumbnail Moderate alcohol use has possible health benefits, but it's not risk-free. The latest dietary guidelines make it clear that no one should begin drinking alcohol or drink more often on the basis of po…
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