New articles on Grief and Grief Counseling

Here’s this weeks set of articles on Grief and Grief Counseling. These articles mostly focus on the importance of talking about grief. So often our friends and family, without meaning to, encourage us to NOT talk about our grief. They couch it in wanting to help us feel better, but in reality it is just too upsetting for them.

I am an Associate Marriage & Family Therapist, and I specialize in Grief Counseling as well as doing therapy with seniors. I practice in Corte Madera, California. I hope you enjoy these articles and find them useful. Leave a comment below and let me know what you think. Jacob

Grief and Grief Counseling
Grief and Grief Counseling
Recent articles and resources on grief, loss, bereavement and end of life.
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Friday, Jan. 11, 2019
Why Talking About Dying Matters
deathcafe­.com - Shared by Jacob Brown
thumbnail Why Talking about Dying Matters The importance of holding positive conversations on death and dying There are some topics that you generally don’t want brought up over a cup of tea – the topic of Bre…
Providing comfort and a connection as the end draws near
www­.washingtonpost­.com - Shared by Jacob Brown
thumbnail By Debra Bruno December 23, 2018 In the United States, there’s probably no better way to spoil cocktail party chatter than by introducing the subject of death, dying or the end of life. Yet, in the s…
Opinion | Tell Me One More Time What to Do About Grief
www­.nytimes­.com - Shared by Jacob Brown
thumbnail Someone is gone. Perhaps this is the first year you had to get used to it, or maybe you’ve had years of practice with how the calendar keeps going, and it’s still hard. Either way, for right now I re…
Nobody Teaches You How To Deal With Grief
thoughtcatalog­.com - Shared by Fazeyra
thumbnail “Grief is such a strange thing. Sometimes it seems to be gone entirely, but then one smell or sound or memory and it’s as if it was waiting there, in the shadows, until you noticed it following you.”…
4 Ways to Cope With Anticipatory Grief - Fred D. Knapp & Son Funeral Home - Greenwich
nearsay­.com - Shared by Fred D. Knapp & Son Funeral Home
thumbnail When a loved one is dealing with a terminal illness, knowing they may no longer be around can be a painful undertaking. This feeling is known as anticipatory grief. While it can be overwhelming, ther…
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