This week's articles on Grief and Grief Counseling

A roundup of some recent articles on Grief and Grief Counseling. I especially recommend the article from the Washington Post on how a nun helps prepare for end of life.

I am an Associate Marriage & Family Therapist, and I specialize in Grief Counseling as well as doing therapy with seniors. I hope you enjoy these articles and find them useful. Leave a comment below and let me know what you think. Jacob

Grief and Grief Counseling
Grief and Grief Counseling
Recent articles and resources on grief, loss, bereavement and end of life.
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Friday, Dec. 28, 2018
Grief and Substance Abuse
www­.newportacademy­.com - Shared by Newport Academy
thumbnail Grief can impact teens signficantly. Teens have powerful responses to loss. Our culture tends to associate grief with adult emotional processes. In addition, we overlook the fact that children and te…
Bereavement Support and Grief Counselling Organisations - Funeral Zone
www­.funeralzone­.co­.uk - Shared by Funeral Zone
thumbnail Contact information for organisations offering bereavement support and grief counselling Offering grief support and information for anyone who has lost a loved one. Free, confidential helpline for an…
How Do I Deal with Grief?
www­.cbn­.com - Shared by Crown Hospice TX
thumbnail Grief is an emotion of loss. Perhaps you have felt that emotion when a parent or your spouse moved away after a divorce, when you broke up with a boy- or girlfriend, or when you moved away from your …
From Fear to here
deathcafe­.com - Shared by Jacob Brown
thumbnail This is a piece I wrote about my journey of death anxiety : FROM FEAR TO HERE BY Caroline Rosie Dent The Buddhists say two things are certain in life: I shared this with a friend once, as he was leav…
Grief - Transformations Treatment Center
www­.transformationstreatment­.center - Shared by Transformations TC
thumbnail Losing a loved one is traumatic, and it is something that takes time to get over. When grief sets in that is to be expected, and recovery is likely to occur gradually and in stages. Unfortunately, in…
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